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Executive Chef Vincent Milan opened Home Town Catering in the spring of 2000, with a vision of creating Anytown's finest catering service. Trained at The Culinary Institute of Anystate, The International School of Confectionary Delight, and the John Q. Public School of fine eating, Milan infuses every dish he creates with his extensive knowledge and passion for perfection. Chef Milan started his career as a Chef for the Whitewater Inn, a well-reviewed restaurant located in Sandy Beach, AA. Once word of his tasty signature dishes got out, offers from many well-known restaurants landed on Chef Milan's plate. Although he had an affinity for the Whitewater Inn, Chef Milan knew that greater challenges and opportunities awaited him in Anytown.

In 1998, Chef Milan began a career as head chef for the Blue Cove Bistro. He was given room to experiment, and created quite an eclectic menu. However, he never lost sight of his passion for fine dining. He knew that he wanted to step beyond the kitchen and create memorable experiences for people..

Chef Milan founded Home Town Catering in the spring of 2000. Before he created his first dish, he vowed to only use the finest ingredients, and prepare each dish with an infusion of passion and creativity. Critics have been raving ever since. Guests agree. Home Town Catering is Anytown's best.

Home Town Catering is committed to serving only the finest foods, made with the freshest ingredients, and providing courteous, responsive service. All of our dishes are made from scratch; creating a truly memorable dining experience.

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